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I can be contacted at: kjersti.sundland(at)gmail.com
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Kjersti Sundland

In my work I am using the sound and video material to create a kind dialog between performer, the artistic material/object and the viewer. Through installations and performances, I am interested to draw attention to affective and embodied spectatorship, and using video and sound materials in ways opposed to creating a narrative or illusionistic space, and to create an experience where the viewer become aware of their own affective and cognitive processes and responses. By focusing on participation of the viewer, I want the work to draw attention on ways sound and video can activate and organize the viewing space beyond the screen.

In my work, I am interested in the psychological aspects of how we perceive, communicate and navigate in our environments, and to questions how the omnipresence of screens and electronic devises today inform and changes our corporeality. By making use of own sound and video, live or recorded material and found footage, I am exploring ways to engage with sound and moving image as a material for interaction and re-appropriation. The work is often presented as live performances and installations, where I am deconstructing the original narratives, duration, or manipulation of original recordings. I work often in close collaboration with other artists and musicians. From October 2016 I will be Artistic Fellow at the department of Art, Bergen Academy of Art and Design.