Undersentralen, aka Anne Bang – Steinsvik and Kjersti Sundland ( 2007-2015)

Kjersti Sundland is a visual artist working with a collaborative and research based methodology. Her work often explores unusual sensory impressions and mental states that challenge the boundaries of what is defined as reality, fantasy, dream and waking state. Sundland is interested in how different mental states that can open up new forms of thinking and reflection. The works are often based on historical archives and other research material, made into different narratives through sound, video, sculpture and installation and performance. Sundland often works closely with visual artists, musicians, designers, programmers and technicians. Music has a central place in her practice, where improvisation and interaction form an important part of the process in the realization of the different works.

Sundland holds a BA in Fine Art from Coventry University, and an MA in Fine Art from Royal College of Art, London. Her work has been exhibited at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Rogaland Kunstsenter, Kunsthall 3.14, Museum of Modern Art, Bologna, TICA Centre for Contemporary Art, Tiran, Punkt Ø, UKS, Oslo, Trøndelag senter for Samtidskunst, Galleri Brandstrup, Artopia Gallery, Milano. Her videos and live video performances have been presented among others at PureScreen including Castlefield, Cork Film center, B4 Play Video, Berlin, Netmage, Bologna, AudioVisiva, Milan and VideoLisboa, Lisboa.

Contact: kjersti.sundland(at)gmail.com

Solo exhibitions

2022 Concepts og O, Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, curated by Jane Sverdrupsen

2020 Concepts of O, Kunsthall 3,14, curated by Malin Barth

2017 Human Chain Acting as a Radio Antenna, Tag Team Studio, Bergen, with Nora Adwan

2013 Glipe / Scotomata, live video performance by Undersentralen, Sound Of Mu, Oslo

2012 Scotomata, video performance by Undersentralen feat Mari Kvien Brunvoll, On the Egde of Wrong, Kritiandsand

2010 Monstrous Little Women, live video event by Undersentralen, Black Cube, Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst

2006 Monstrous Little Women, live video event by Undersentralen, Young artist society (UKS) , Oslo

2006 Monstrous Little Women, by Undersentralen. Barbara Hansen gallery, Oslo, curated by Hjørdis Kurås

2005 Hollow Void Fictional time -laps Experiments, Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo

2004 Habitat, Artopia Gallery, Milan, curated by Alessandra Pioselli

2003 A Dual of Giants, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo

2001 How To Give Your Pet Your Personal Characteristics, Gallery Brandstrup, Oslo

2000 Little Boys Room, Atelier G9, Oslo

Group shows

2022 We Meet at Dusk, Hordaland Kunstsenter, curated by Daniela Ramos Arias and Scott Elliot

2021 Fremtidens Levninger, Public Art Project, Deichman Grünerløkka, Sofienbergparken, website fremtidenslevninger.no

2019 Hyperobjects, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Berkeley Campus, Berkeley, California. Featuring the Artwork of the UC Berkeley Art Faculty and Staff. Curated by Eamon O´Kane and Scott Rettberg

2018 La Borde Grenseløse Navn. Performance and installation. Synsmaskinen, by Frans Jacobi, Benedicte Clementsen, Ole Christian Ellestad, Kjersti Sundland, Volve Vokal. Artistic Research, Fall Forum, Aula KMD.

2018 Beneath a Somber Surface. Hypnosis Sessions, Martin Mikkelsen, Ole Christian Ellestad, Hyperobjects,Joy Forum, KMD.

2015 Conjoin – Follower, Bergen Kjøtt with Nora Adwan

2014 Conjoin – Autumn Nights, Kalfarlien 18, curated by Nora Adwan.

2014 Tonight, Synsmaskinen, Group performance by Frans Jacobi, live video performance by Undersentralen, Rom8, Bergen.

2014 Enduring Portrait, Hansevideoworks, Lûbeck

2013 Looking Backwards – Recording Now, Hå Gamle Prestegård, with Torunn Skjelland

2013 Overlege Danielssens Rapport, Projection on Nygårdsbroen, Bergen, by artist group Doppler

2013 Monday Begins Online, curated by Ytter, Kristin Taarnesvik. Mathijs Van Geest, Clara Morell m.fl

2012 Cabinet of imploding Branches, Doppler, C. Sundtsgate 55, Kulturnatt Bergen

2012 The Ritual of Walking in a Circle, with Ellen Røed and Anne Marthe Dyvi. Ephemeral Sustainability, curated by Bergen Center for Electronic Art

2011 Glipe Håkonshallen 750 years. Outdoor projections curated by Bergen Centre of Electronic Arts

2011 Looking backward, Recording now, Kathrineholm Kunsthall, Sweden. Curated by Truls Olin

2011 Enduring Portrait, “Bek presents digital works /Borggården”, USF Verftet, Bergen

2010 Glipe, live video event by Sundland & Bang – Steinsvik, Norwegian Telecom Museum, Oslo

2009 Two point perspective, m Unn Fahlstrøm, Jennestad gallery, Vesterålen

2009 Norske Bilder, Oslo town hall, Oslo

2008 Enduring Portrait, public installation, AudioVisiva, Milan, curator Esterni

2008 Time Code, Museum of Modern Art, Bologna, curated by Alessandra Pioselli and Fabiola Naldi

2008 Rendering Video, , TICA, Center for Contemporary Art, Tirana, curated by Alessandra Pioselli and Stefano Romano

2007 Luft  , Punkt OE/Galleri F 15, curated by Siv Hofsvang

2007 Monstrous little women, Undersentralen, live video, Landmark Bergen Kunsthall, The Vj picks the DJ

2007 Monstrous Litte Women, live video performance by Undresentralen, Netmage Live Media Festival, Bologna

2006 Women in Revolt. Palazzo d’Accursio,Bologna, with Shirin Neshat, Gioavanna Ricotta, Ottonella Moccelin, curated by Fabiola Naldi

2006 Kjæledyr i kunsten,m Liv Tandrevold Eriksen, Geir Egil Bergjord, Camilla Grythe,  m fl.Sandnes Kunstforening, Sandnes

2006 ARTCPH, Artfair, Cobenhagen, repr. by gallery Brandstrup

2006 Videopassages, Via Torino,Milano, curated by Alessandra Pioselli

2006 Videopassages, Care of gallery, Milano, curated by Alessandra Pioselli

2005 B4 Play Video,Art Center, Friedrichstr. Berlin, curated by Barbara Blickensdorf

2005 Habitat, Brandstrup gallery, Stavanger

2005 VideoLisboa05, Lisboa

2005 Peripheral Visions, Cork Film Centre, Cork, Ireland

curated by Nigel Rolfe and Cliodhna Shaffrey

2005 New Territories, Arco Artfair, Madrid, represented by Gallery Brandstrup

2005 A Haunting, PureScreen, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

2004 Momentum, Nordic festival of contemporary art, Gallery Henrik Gerner

2004 Wiz Bang, Harvestworks, NY, curated by Meg Shiffler

2004 Wiz Bang, CPA Gallery, Buffalo, curated by Meg Shiffler

2003 Zencill, Collbato, Barcelona, curated by Anne Britt Rage

2003 Class of 2003, represented by Gallery Brandstrup, Vestfossen kunstlaboratorium

2003 Nordiclive. ID Gallery, Stockholm

2003 Meeting place, curated by Truls Olin and Anna Roos. Blå Stället Culture Centre, Gothenburg, Rogaland Art Centre, Stavanger, The Cable Factor, Helsinki Former Printing House, Vilnius. The Museum Of Foreign Art, Riga Rotermanni Saltstorage, Exhibition Hall, Tallinn, Art Hall, Södertälje

2002 Hear the art, Exnergasse Kunsthalle, Vienna, curated by Uwe Bressnik,

2001 Days of the living dead. Gallery Brandstrup, Moss

2001 MUTU , Gallery 21:26,with Hjørdis Kuraas, Helle Storvik, Oslo

2001 Desire and pursuit of the whole, Peter and Paul Fortress, St Petersburg. Curated by Christopher Gordon

1999 Articultural show, Southbank, London, curated by Gavin Turk,

Presentations and lectures

2022 Ethereal Ocean, performance lecture, DATES (with) Art, Politic and History 1913. Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, UIB

2020   Artist talk, Kunsthall 3,14 med Eamon O`kane og Paal Rasmussen

2019   To the thinker who is not the gardener. Performance lecture, Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts

2918 Mors Tunge/Mother Tongue, performance lecture with Ole Christian Ellestad. Part of Synsmaskien, artistic research project led by Frans Jacobi. Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, UIB

2017 Tertium Quid– White Crow. Public lecture, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, UIB   

2016 Artist x Artist= ART2. Seminar on artist collaboration. Rom8, Bergen Academy of Art and Design

2014 Doppler Presents, Caminata Nocturna. In Conversation with artist Karl Ingar Røys.

2013 Doppler presents, Public, in conversation with Tania Ruiz Guiterrez, Tag Team, Bergen.

2013 Artist talk, Looking Backwards-Recording Now, Hå Gamle Prestegård.

2011 Artist Talk, Visp Produksjonsenhet for visuell Kunst, Bergen.

2007 Artist Talk, Time Code, Museum of Modern Art, Bologna. In conversation with curators of the exhibition Alessandra Pioselli and Fabiola Naldi.

Residencies and related

2017     Kontajner, Zagreb. FutureDiversity Lab.

2017 –   Kunstkvarteret, Lofoten,Norway.


I morgentåkedalen, Kristoffer Jul-Larsen,Kunstkritikk, 2022

Forskjøvet verdensbilde med storslåtte estetiske opplevelser, Marie Skjetting, Contemporary Art Stavanger, 2022

Magnetismens dunkleste avkroker, Trond Borgen, Stavanger Aftenblad, 2022

Kunsten å se gjennom kunsten, Trond Borgen, Stavanger Aftenblad, 7th March, 2013

Quicksilver daydreams, artist book, published by Marguerite Waknine Editions, France, 2011

Beautiful Theory killed by ugly facts, Artist Book, Undersentralen press 2009

Al Mambo si fa spazio al video con Time Code, Irene Bisi, Il Domani di Bologna, 15th nov.2007

Tempo snaturato, virtuale, Federica Mingarelli, Il Bologna, 15th nov. 2007

Time Code, I´elaborazione digitale dell`invecchiamento, Valerio Deho, corriere di Bologna 15th nov. 2007

Monsterkvinner til Italia, Kari Fauskanger, Bergens Tidene 2007

Resoconto, Netmage 07, exibart.com

Ravende gale kvinner og fornuftige menn, Ylva Halfen, Argument vol 1, 2006

Skrekkens kvinner, Børre Haugstad, VG, 2006

Helvetes kvinnfolk, Aksel Skjær Vidnes, Aftenposten, 2006

Heller film en maleri, Børre Haugstad, VG 2005

Natur i bur, Line Ulekleiv, kunstkritikk.no, 2005

Melankolsk og fremmedgjort, Trond Borgen, Stavanger Aftenblad, 2005

Habitat,  Saramicol Viscardi, Exibart on paper 19, 2005

I need to know what’s going on, Alessandra Pioselli , Catalogue essay, solo exhibition, Artopia gallery, Milan 2004

Cultural mutations,  Rune Olsen ,Odd Magazine, Vol 1, 2004

Det kvinnelige blikk, Liz Buer Dagens Næringsliv, 2004

Intet hørt, intet sett, Utflukt magazin, vol 3, 2004


Volda University College,

Volda, TV2, Oslo,

Gosen Skole, Stavanger

Refsnes Gods, Moss

The Norwegian Royal Family

Norwegian Cultural Council,

Jaguar Motors, Coventry

Coventry University