Concepts of O/ 2022

Concepts of O was the exhibition of the artistic results of my Ph.D. in artistic research (2016-2020) at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music, and Design in Bergen. The exhibition Concepts of O at Rogaland Kunstsenter contained several new works. The exhibition was supported with funds from Billedkunstnernes Vederlangsfond, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, and the Norwegian cultural council. More information on the different works in the exhibition will be updated soon. Documentation of the exhibition by Bjarte Bjørkum.

The Unthought Known, silkscreen on glass, audio 6 minutes loop. sound editing by Martin Mikkelsen.
Panoptic Vision.Silkscreen print 110 x 130 cm. ½
Planchette. Silkscreen print 110 x 130 cm. ½.

Vocal Matriarchy.Sound work 12 min. loop. Sound editing by Martin Mikkelsen.

 Vocal Matriarchy. Sound work 12 min. loop.  Chalk drawings on walls.

Jærtegn / Augury. Video installation, two projections. 3 min. and 7 min. loop.