Documentation of Conjoin / Follower at Bergen Kjøtt, 2012

In this site specific work Conjoin, Kjersti Sundland and Anne Bang-Steinsvik is using real time audio and video processing as an interface connecting the interior and external surroundings of the building. Participation is explored through levels of technological invasion and feedback connecting audience, performer and the live projected image of the backyard of Bergen Kjøtt.

Documentation of Conjoin / Follower at Bergen Kjøtt, 2012

The exhibition was part of artistic research project, made possible with support by Funds for Artistic Research, Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Equipment, support and programming (Conjoin) by Stian Remvik. BEK, Bergen Centre for Electronic art.

What does it mean to be lost? I follow the path the forest, stray from the path, and all of a sudden, I feel completely disorientated. Space is still organized within the conformity of my body. There are regions to my front and back, to my right and left, but they are not geared to any reference points, and hence are quite useless. Front and back regions suddenly feel arbitrary, since I have no better reason to go forward than to go back. Let a flickering light appear behind a distant clump of trees. I remain lost in that I still do not know where I am in the forest, but space has dramatically regained its structure. The flickering light has established a goal. As I more towards that goal, front and back, left and right has reassumed their meaning: I stride forward, I am glad to have left dark space, and make sure that I not veer to the left or right.

Yi –Fu Tuan «space and place»